I created this site to record some thoughts, to encourage me to write more, and to share whatever ended up here. It’s also a way for me to further my skills with Git, Github Pages, and Markdown.

I’ve now been ill with symptoms consistent with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) since late 2016, though I wasn’t fully well for several years before that. My diagnosis of ME/CFS seems to fit my symptoms and illness trajectory better than any other possible diagnosis.

Prior to becoming too ill to maintain a job, I worked in scientific research in the fields of atmospheric and ocean physics. I obtained my PhD from the University of Leeds in 2014, with a thesis investigating the role of ocean wave-breaking and whitecaps on air-sea exchange. I stayed in the same research group until the end of 2016, during which time my focus was investigation of air-sea exchange over Arctic sea ice. I was lucky enough to spend six weeks onboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden in summer 2014 as part of the SWERUS-C3 expedition.

In September 2017, I took a one-year position at ECMWF working on the representation of the ocean’s diurnal cycle in weather prediction models, but by this stage my health was declining further. I managed to stay in the role until the end of my contract with a lot of support and by moving first to part-time hours and then to remote working.

I worked part-time as a freelance copy-editor during 2019 and early 2020, editing manuscripts for publication in leading atmospheric science, ocean science, climate, and meteorology journals.

Since January 2019, I have been a member of the Patient Advisory Group (PAG) to the ME Research Collaborative (MERC), previously known as the CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC). MERC PAG supports patient-centred biomedical research into ME/CFS and ancillary processes by providing a direct patient voice — a voice that is as diverse and inclusive as possible. PAG’s primary role is to deliver a patient perspective on the board of MERC, but we also have key involement with Forward-ME, the NICE guideline process, and, more recently, the newly-formed UKCRC Subgroup on ME.