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I had my second Covid vaccine at the start of May. The second half of May was not good for me at all, and culminated in me locking myself out of my flat and ...


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One of the only clear patterns I’ve noticed in my health over the past few years is that I’ve generally been better in warmer than in colder months. I suspec...


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What can I say about March, other than it came and went and I spent most of March feeling really quite unwell. Is this a prolonged crash, or a new normal?


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I had the first dose of my Covid-19 vaccine (Pfizer) this month. I was put in Group 6 after contacting my GP. It’s now almost 72 hours since, and I’ve had no...


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January was a quite unremarkable month. Healthwise, late Autumn was the last time I had a ‘better’ period. The monotony of chronic illness and lockdown has s...